Dead simple tour management for your band.

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What is Tourouter?

Tourouter is a tool that enables musicians and artists to book, route and manage tours at any level.

Why should I use Tourouter?

Tourouter provides a platform and tools for managing the day to day operation of touring - think of the system as a digital tour manager. Know exactly where you need to be by the minute; how long it will take to get there, when you have to leave, etc... It is all there at your fingertips!

  • Daily SMS Notifications with day sheet information. Now you and your band members will know exactly when they will need to leave, and how long they will be on the road.
  • Just added: Tourouter sends out daily reminder emails with full day schedule information to account owner and any associated band members.
  • Keep track of your daily schedules - know where you have to be at all times.
  • Manage the details for individual tour days down to the minute
  • Print out daily day sheets
  • Collaborate with your team (band members / management team / label)
  • API Access: use the tourouter API to integrate with your own applications.

The ultimate goal of Tourouter is to simplify your life on the road - being musicians ourselves, we know how much energy it takes to play night after night and drive day after day. Our goal is to provide a system that will help you conserve your energy on the road by not having to worry about daily schedules and venue details.

Who uses Tourouter?

Tourouter is for solo musicians, independent bands, DJs, dancers, performers and artists of all types who want to book, launch and execute tours on their own.

How much will this cost me?

Tourouter comes in 3 different packages:

  • DIY Plan: $9.99/month - The DIY Plan is perfect for bands hitting the road for the first time. This plan is limited to only one user/one team.
  • Pro Plan: $19.99/month - The Pro Plan enables you to invite as many people to your team account as you would like. Any team member can login to view, edit, and add tour date info. Each member will receive a text message every morning of a tour date with all pertinent details.
  • Enterprise Plan: $49.99/month - The Enterprise Plan lets you manage unlimited groups, each with unlimited members. This is perfect for management companies or labels that want to provide a turnkey tour management platform for their artists all under one account.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free and give the system a test drive.